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Transform Your Life Through Personal Energy Management

We’re told by some authorities that there is a serious energy crisis on the planet. We’re told by some authorities we are running out of fuel. We’re told by still other authorities that there are many energy resources that we haven’t even touched yet. It seems to boil down to how are we using or not using the earth’s vast energy resources.

The same thing may be true of many people on the planet. They are experiencing a serious energy crisis in their lives. Some of them keep doing more, working harder, and accomplishing less. They feel exhausted. Others are going back and forth between extreme highs with periods of having no energy at all. And there are those who are totally exhausted and depressed at all times. If any of the above is your life maybe it’s time to check your Personal Energy Operating System.

“Personal Energy Operating System”

o Is your life running on your personal energy?

o Is your life running on energy you take (steal) from others?

o Is your life running on crisis energy?

o Is your life running on addictions energies?

o Is your life being drained by everyone and everything in your life?

o Is your energy gas tank on empty?

If any of the above is true for you it’s time for some simple basic Personal Energy Management 101©, time to identify and stop your energy drains.


Is someone or something consciously or unconsciously siphoning your energy?

Are you willingly gift wrapping it for them?

Are you the one who is siphoning from others?

(There isn’t any judgment here as we are only behaving the way we were taught to survive).

There is a never ending abundance of energy for everyone. How you use or misuse this energy defines your life. You can run around living life with no concept of how you are using or misusing it, OR you can consciously work with it to live a peaceful, love filled, joyous, and abundant life. It’s your choice.

A large portion of people on the planet (of course not you and me) feel they must continually seek energy from sources outside of themselves to function and be happy. They are constantly seeking hits of energy from other people, addictions, or possessions, which leaves them in a state of codependency and always needing more. They believe there is never enough and it keeps them on an emotional and physical roller coaster ride. Others find their energy supply being exhausted as they allow others to take it from them. Either way they will need to build bigger, faster, and scarier roller coaster rides to satisfy their energy needs, i.e. bigger cars, more money, different partners, more power etc.


Keep it simple. Make a conscious choice to maintain your own energy. It was so empowering for me when I realized that I actually did have choices in every area of my life. I wasn’t taught that, were you? Now I choose each day how I want to live my life instead of allowing people, somebody else’s rules, places, or circumstances or my own negative patterns to choose for me.


By taking one week or even one day and make one small change you will begin to notice the difference in your energy. If you identify one energy drain a day and plug up that leak you will see a shift in your energy level. It was helpful for me to identify emotions/energies where I played a martyr, a victim, a do-gooder, a control freak and you name it, and as I made one small change at a time I became more energized and peaceful.

Two simple steps to help you balance your Energy Operating System

1. Identify your Biggest Daily Energy Drain

Examples your job – spouse – children – school-money-TV-internet

2. Identify your Biggest Daily Energy High

Examples a romantic interest – an addiction – your children – doing good deeds-TV-internet

When I began this process I found my biggest drain of energy was being unable to make a decision. I had so many things to do I couldn’t figure out what to choose so I kept procrastinating. My intuitive guidance kicked in by saying work on one thing at a time and pick the first thing that comes into your head that day. As I began this process I found that after I achieved that project another would just pop in. I found that it wasn’t about making the right choice it was about making “a” choice.

If you focus on just one of these energy drains or highs you will make a significant change in your life. Keep it simple. Each person must be at peace internally in order for peace to radiate externally. As you work with Personal Energy Management, you will discover personal peace and will be able to help spread peace throughout the planet. And what a joy that will be.