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Advice in Removing Energy Drink Stains on the Carpet

When you are working out or playing sports with your friends, nothing can help you get the energy boost that you need other than a big gulp of your favorite energy drink. This kind of drink is perfect for these types of physical activities as the energy drink helps replenish the fluids lost by the body through sweat. It also contains vitamins and minerals that helps in keeping the body in top condition.

Energy drinks can help provide an instant jolt of energy that can help you get through a physically tiring activity. Sometimes though the energy drink can get spilled in the house by accident which can create a different type of problem for you. Getting it on your carpet will likely cause an ugly stain that will definitely ruin its appearance.

Cleaning up this kind of mess can be tough but it is not an impossible task to do. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to guide you n cleaning up the energy drink stains on your carpet.

• Get rid of the excess liquid on the carpet by quickly getting a sponge and extracting the spill slowly and carefully. Remember not to wipe or rub on the spilled energy drink as this can only make things a lot worse.

• After you have removed as much of the liquid as you can, use a cleaning agent that will aid in breaking down the stain. You can opt to use a mixture of one part non-bleach laundry detergent with five parts of warm water. As soon as you have your cleaning solution on hand, proceed with the next step.

• Pour some of the cleaning solution you have made onto the energy drink stain on the carpet. Then, let a couple of minutes pass first before doing anything. This is so that the solution will soak the stain and help in slowly breaking it down.

• Use a clean paper towel to carefully blot the stain on the carpet. You will notice that the stain will become lighter and lighter as you continue to blot. This means that the process is working. Just keep at it until all of the energy drink stain is removed.

• Get rid of any residue that could get left behind on the carpet by rinsing the area you just cleaned with a glass of water. Then, dry everything using some clean towels or rags to finish the job.