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Hug Your Energy Provider

Like most of you, I operate a business and I’m always looking for a way to sell more of my service or save money. I make sure I itemize everything for taxes and probably like you and I eagerly await my tax returns. Especially during years when I take a loss.

So of course when the energy regulations opened up so that we could choose who to buy energy and gas from… I started purchasing my electricity from a popular energy provider. We saved a massive amount of money… somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 to 35%. Now that was just for our residential needs.

A salesman literally knocked on my door and showed me the difference between what that company could offer compared to what I was paying and we were so grateful… like really I thought about hugging the guy because it was so much less expensive, but there is a caveat to this. With this energy provider, our energy package was limited for a year or two. So after that time they raised the price of our energy even beyond what the normal rate was. If you don’t pay attention after you change energy providers… they will bait and switch on you and while you think you are getting a cheaper energy and gas price… over a couple years, your pricing actually increases beyond what you were originally paying. Most people do not realize this about switching energy providers.

So as a business owner I wanted to find out if I could reduce the rates for my business’s energy and gas. My normal day to day business is Online Marketing. I market products and services online. So in my research I found a company that not only offers inexpensive energy and gas, but what they do is create competition by showing about ten different quotes for your energy needs which includes the amount of time your deal lasts and consultant that contacts you in a timely manner to make sure your rates are as inexpensive as they can be. You get to choose who provides you with the least expensive energy and gas. So because of this competition my energy rates for my business are as low as they can be.

I know many businesses have switched their energy providers but have you seen different energy rates from several co different companies willing to compete for your business?

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