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Everything Is Energy And That Is All There Is To It

Albert Einstein – “Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

It’s now common knowledge, that everything in your world is proven to scientifically be made of energy. You see it everywhere. People talking about the power of a positive mind, the life-changing effects of energy medicine, and the very well know, law of attraction. Alignment, balance, and harmony have become keywords in living a balanced life.

What does it all mean?

Philosophers, scientists, and great minds of all times have tried to explain this phenomenon, without ever being able to prove its veracity. But, they all knew one thing. That everything responds to an energetic vibration and that the only way to achieve positive change is through the unavoidable transformation of your personal and collective vibrational frequency or energy.

Quantum Physics is, the scientific branch responsible for proving that everything in the Universe is intrinsically composed of energy and not matter. Each day, physicists are discovering and scientifically defining the Law of vibration; the universal law under which all things align. You have heard of atoms. Energy is what makes up the structure of an atom. Atoms are, in their totality, composed of invisible energy and not tangible matter. As part of the Universe, WE ARE also composed of ENERGY.

According to the Law of Vibration, you can naturally and holistically care for your physical body, by employing one of the various energy healing techniques available to you. These techniques and therapies work, because energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but transformed. It is through the elimination, transformation, and matching of frequencies and vibrations, that harmony is assured within the human energy field. Energy Healing enhances the flow of energy or “Chi” in the body and corrects any disturbances in the human energy field or aura. Many of these methods have always been used by ancient healers and civilizations since the dawn of man. Modern science is finally catching up. Thanks to the advances in Quantum Theory and Quantum Physics, we are finally scientifically recognizing that energy is “medicine”. Energy is within us and all around us; all energy is connected. Every ancient society, across the globe, has historically recorded the use of energy healing. Ancient healers knew that there was more to healing than fixing wounds or relieving fevers. They understood, that thoughts and other invisible threats caused and contributed to the psychological and physical ailments of the body. They knew how to take healing out of the realm of the physical and into the psychological to treat the emotional, mental and spiritual roots of disease and imbalance.

Why is Energy Healing/ Energy Medicine so important?

Well-being, prosperity, and happiness do not occur isolated in one area of your life. They are the result of a “domino effect”. When you are physically and mentally healthy, you make better choices. You attract people and situations that make you grow and shine. And, you inevitably experience a general sense of peace and balance. Your well-being is never fractional, it is whole. When your physical body is in harmony the rest of your life aligns by mirroring well-being.

Most “modern” and conventional methods of healing are solely focused on the physical and mental levels of life, without recognizing the deeper underlying energies that cause disease. Energy Therapy targets the mind, body, and spirit and treats the person as a “Whole”. Energy medicine is firmly founded, on the unshakable belief, that the human being is an energy body; aura, chakras, and meridians (energy pathways). Via, the correct application of energy in different forms and frequencies to the physical body, you are able to transform and align your life into a state of equilibrium. When your Energy Body is in harmony, you uncover amazing health, regeneration, and sustained well-being. Energy healing relies on the knowledgeable ability of a practitioner to channel and transform energy. This is generally done by applying vibration in different forms and utilizing different methods; hands-on, hands-off, distant healing, sound healing, crystal healing etc. All of these methods are extremely beneficial and equally effective.

Energy medicine is a holistic alternative, that aims to create a state of balance, health, and peace within the body. Most alternative and complementary energy therapies work with the life-force energy that pervades all living things. The most popular forms of energy therapy are Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki. It is my belief, that Energy Therapies should always be used as a recurrent modality of preventive care for best results and long-lasting wellness. Energy treatments are a wonderful go-to for natural rejuvenation, stress relief, and holistic healing. The frequent use of energy to maintain a healthy body will unveil a life that is disease free and limitless in well-being. All of the above-referred modalities are safe and risk-free. If you are looking for inner transformation or you have simply decided to take your health and life to the next level, this is definitely something to try.