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Phone Energy, Real Alternative Energy

Phone Energy is new alternative energy source now days. I have read some articles about this and get curious. So, I decided to search thoroughly.

As you know there is continuous search going on for alternative free or viable energy. Day by day earth’s population is increasing and load on resources is also increasing like leaps and bound. In this resources electricity is most important, because we can not think living without electricity for few hours. There is no need to list the daily use items which runs on electricity, but due to increasing consumption of electricity there is shortage. Because of that electricity rates are also increasing. So, what we do first? We start not to use electrical appliances as much as possible. But again there is limit to do this. In some countries respective governments adopts policy of power cut. That means few hours in a day you will not get electricity! This can be eight to ten hours! Can you imagine what will happen in summer season?

This is why new alternative energy sources become more important. There are many alternative energy sources like wind power, solar power etc. These sources are getting popular slowly but cost and technical things is the barriers. So, a common person keeps distance from these sources. Phone energy is emerging a new and viable alternative energy source.

We know that phone lines remains active though electricity is off for some reasons. It gets energy from respective company. We already pay for that. We can use this energy to run other electrical appliances. To capture this energy we need certain system. After using the system we can get enough energy to run other electrical appliances. It is now proven, so we can say that this energy is real alternative viable energy.